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...poetry, science, history, publishing, collaboration, art...

There are creative ways to talk about creativity and how to usher it into the world.

A class on designing broadsides or on public art. An illustrated talk on the intersection of science and poetry. A workshop discussing poems that engage with history. Or ecopoetry. A plein aire foray with writing exercises. A class on video poetry.


Public readings are great. But there's also room for a cozier way of introducing readers and writers to each other.

We can gather in a home, have snacks and beverages, read a few poems, and then chat.

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Wednesday, February 21, 7 pm
Reading at WordsWest Literary Series with Lyanda Lynn Haupt
"Loving the World from Starlings to Shorelines"
C&P Coffee Co
Seattle, WA
Blog post following: "That was one of my favorite WordsWests EVER! Susan was lovely as MC, and the women, the artists, the SHOW they spontaneously put on---I couldn't believe it! It was like dropping in to some small jazz or blues venue to discover that some surprise guests, some music masters had spontaneously decided to come and jam with each other. As the two writers riffed on each other's work with such wise and joyous, childlike delight, I thought of the old phrases about one's heart taking wing, because that's how I felt."

Thursday, March 29, 6 - 6 pm
"Cocktails and Conversations" with Colleen Michaels
Join us for a glass of wine and the first in this series of conversations between artists and thinkers across disciplines. In this second conversation, two incredible poets will talk about commonalities in their work and process.
Hardie Building, H201
Montserrat College of Art
Beverly, MA

Saturday, April 14, 8 pm
Reading at Asheville Wordfest with Sean Hill, John Lane, and Joy Harjo
Lenoir-Rhyne University
Asheville, NC

May 4 - 6: Broto Conferece on Art, Science, and Collaboration
Saturday, May 5, 11 am
"Merging Artistic and Scientific Methodologies"
With Joerg Dressler, Artist; Mark Borrelli, Coastal Studies; Elizabeth Bradfield, Author; Stephanie Vasko, Managing Director, MSU Center for Interdisciplinarity -- moderated by Mark Adams
Provincetown, MA

Saturday, June 9
Moderating a conversation between Robert Pinsky and Monica Youn
Hawthorne Barn, Provincetown MA
www.20summers.org July/August
Working as a naturalist/guide in Greenland/Canada

September 14 - 16
"Whales and Seals of Cape Cod"
Audubon Field School with Lisa Sette
Inhabiting a vastly different realm from us beneath the surface of the water, whales and seals are an intriguing and mysterious group of animals. The biological adaptations and life histories of these marine mammals - from oxygen retention for deep dives to underwater feeding strategies to breeding - are fascinating and varied. And the changing relationship humans have had with these creatures over time - from commercial hunting and bounty targets to leading symbols of conservation and ecosystem health - are equally complex. And they are still evolving. During this weekend course, we will delve into the rich natural and human history of whales and seals and the marine and coastal communities we share.
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October 27 - 28
"Hiking Backwoods and Beaches"
Audubon Field School with Melissa Lowe
During this active two days, we will take the road less traveled, cover new ground, and experience the Cape at a beautiful time of year. Our extended hikes will explore the backwoods, remote beaches, dramatic dunes, quiet kettle ponds, and sheltering woodlands of the Outer Cape and take us to “hidden” parts of the Cape Cod National Seashore and local conservation areas that the average visitor (and local) rarely explores.
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