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The Utne Reader, Sept/Oct 2010: "Open-Air Publishing" by Alex Dimitrov.

Poets & Writers, May/June 2010: "Open Air Publishing" by Alex Dimitrov.

Prick of the Spindle, June 2008: "Welcome to Broadsided Press" by Jennifer Garfield.

The Next Big Thing is such an intimidating title to respond to, but it's a baton-passing of information about new projects, completed or in the works. Christine Byl gave her answers, then tagged me to provide my own in February of 2013. Next, Alexandra Teague and Beth Feldman Brant will share their "nexts."

Broadsided (www.broadsidedpress.org) is a grassroots, virtual, collaborative press started by Bradfield in late 2005. Bradfield and her co-editors have been able to publish a steady stream of fantastic work through Broadsided.

Broadsided attempts to pull literary work out of journals and put it on the streets. By infusing words with the energy of original visual art and then posting the letter-sized pdfs in public places, Broadsided hopes to capture the interest of bleary coffee-drinkers and glazed office workers.

The Haul Out
A blog started in 2013 that discusses seals (mostly) on Cape Cod (and elsewhere). Topical, a bit political, the posts come from my experiences as a naturalist and resident of the Cape. thehaulout.wordpress.com

Collaboration: Video & Poetry
In 2011/2012 Bradfield worked in Antarctica with artist Demet Taşpınar. Equally inspired by ice and light, Bradfield wrote poems in response to Demet's short films. "Deliquesce," from this series, was part of an art installation in Miami, Florida at the Williams McCall Gallery during Art Basel in 2012. See some of Demet Taşpınar's work here.

Video/poem collaborations live on The Rumpus & Drunken Boat and Alaska Quarterly Review.

Public Art from/with Words
Several public installations of Broadsided publications have been released to the world: on clotheslines in Asheville, NC and the woods of Provincetown, MA; on rough driftwood at AMP (www.artmarketprovincetown.com); and, soon, in the gallery of Brandeis Universtiy. Deliberately temporary, inviting disruption and addition, these aggregations of Broadsided collaborations announce the vibrant participation of poetry and art with the world.

In 2011, when teaching at the Wrangell Mountains Center's Poetry Workshop, our immersion ended with a public art project featuring word clouds painted on plywood and mounted at the community store. The boards featured writing from three different sources: "official" park and community information from the internet, writing from community members in McCarthy, and writing by participants in the poetry workshop.

Storytelling & Radio
Like on-the-street broadsides, on-the-air conversations and investigations compel Bradfield. In 2007, she got involved with a radio show inspired by NPR's "This American Life." At first serving as poetry editor, she has also produced a show on travel and assisted with others. Visit the Stanford Storytelling Project.

Pelagic Poetry
When reading alone and coming upon a poem that makes your hair stand on end, there's nothing more frustrating than not being able to share it with others. This modest email list, managed by YahooGroups, allows participants to send out poems that wow them—no chit-chat, no discussion, just mind-blowing poems. Sign up, if you like, the door is open.

Collaboration: Music & Poetry
Composer Monica Houghton (www.monicahoughton.com) put Bradfield's poem "Whalefall" to music, creating a score for soprano and piano. The Premier performance (original version with soprno and piano) was performed September 23, 2007, at 3 pm, in Drinko Hall at Cleveland State University, and there have been several performances since. See Monica Houghton's Catalog ("Whalefall" is listed under "Art Song").


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